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Who We Are

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Jembatan International is a study abroad infrastructure provider for educational institutions and students who wish to study in Southeast Asia but do not have the resources (time or financial) to create an infrastructure for their programs on their own.

Established by seasoned program facilitators and college professors, Jembatan creates successful programs using the lessons that were gained over thirty years of experience in Southeast Asia and other international locations. Our ability to understand a school’s needs also helps us design programs that are affordable and flexible enough to accommodate many different academic institutions and agendas.

As an infrastructure provider, we handle all logistics like transportation (both to and from Southeast Asia), itineraries, and accommodations. We also provide a resident program facilitator who speaks English and the local language as your local contact and guide. For professors and teachers who wish to instruct their students in a classroom, we will also provide classroom facilities.

In addition to providing the infrastructure and a rich experience for participants, Jembatan always gives back to the countries and communities that host our students in the form of educational scholarships and grants to the local host schools, NGO’s, and other organizations with whom our students work. Additional compensation emerges from lasting friendships and involvement with these local people and organizations. Our goal is that students leave a favorable impression on the places and people that they visit.

Jembatan International programs are unique, bold and reflective adventures that expose students and faculty to the intricate and beautiful cultures of Southeast Asia.

Through experiential education, service learning, and travel, JI aims to promote deep immersion in these new and exotic landscapes. Participants may choose a program from our portfolio of itineraries or create a tailored program which meets their own specifications. While programs vary in their focus all JI programs are designed to be fun, safe and well-organized educational experiences.

“Jembatan” is a word from the Indonesian language meaning “bridge” and reflects our mission: to build bridges of understanding and friendship between different cultures around the world and broaden the mental, social, and geographic horizons of our students.